Now is your time to embody your highest potential, set and accomplish goals aligned with your highest self.

Evangeline De Châtillon takes her decade of coaching & successful Business development along with her expertise of the spiritual realm to bring you through the journey of both identifying and dissolving your blocks and subconscious programming.

You will not only gain the necessary tools and blueprint to accomplish your highest potential.

You will also learn how to create and maintain a new level of consciousness foster new habits to build an incredible mindset that will allow you to persevere and reach your goals with the least resistance.

Backed by over 70 years of combined knowledge and execution, this program will allow you to finally get out of your own way and provide the necessary tools and blueprint to accomplish your wildest dreams.

Hi I’m Evangeline

My ability to both perceive and my tenacity to never give up on you are strengths that allow me to help you both recognize and dissolve that which stands in the way of achieving your goals.

My passion is helping others to realize their highest potential and step into their calling and life’s work. To see my clients embody that which sets their soul on fire drives me and fills my spirit.

I am the catalyst that will help to bring you to your highest potential.

I have experienced many trials and tribulations that provide me with an edge and certain tenacity in that I will not give up on you.

I’ll walk you through that tunnel of darkness, holding your hand until the light at the end of the tunnel is not only reached but embodied.

Hold My Spot!

Well-versed in polarity, having manifested both a tumultuous life as well as a haven. She not only knows precisely why we manifest rough life experiences but how to navigate them, rise above them, and drastically change the results we experience through utilizing her keen intuition, high-performance mentorship skills coupled with a structured blueprint and the tools of success known by the elite, exercised either consciously or unconsciously. It is her mission and absolute passion to mentor you & take you along the journey of integrating the same tools of success to experience the same results, passion, and success she has attained. “ If you do precisely what is entailed and dedicate yourself within the program, you will achieve the exact results you desire.

This isn’t just something that works for the few and far between. This program and success network combines over 70 years of wisdom and proven results that will undoubtedly get you to exactly where you want to be. Unshackled by dissolving your blocks, you will finally understand how to navigate and attain your goals with freedom unconditioned by the past and empowered with the toolset to drive your passion and dreams into fruition. This will undoubtedly be the most extraordinary journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and success you undertake.

Make 2024 the year you invest in yourself and become your own greatest asset.

What to Expect



Months One through Two

  • The power of Self Image and how to align with the proper self-image for success
  • The role your self-image plays in
  • How to create your worthy ideal
  • Setting goals the correct way
  • Stepping into your purpose. The What, Why, and How.
  • Principles of the Thinking into results Mindset and how to obtain high levels of success.



Blue print, tools and plan

Months Three through Four

  • How to structure your life & business for long-lasting success
  • How to create the environment and team that you want
  • Trampling the terror barrier
  • Organic growth techniques
  • How to live from praxis
  • How to create major change and make lasting results
  • How to stay in charge no matter the circumstances
  • How to effectively scale your business



Habits, execution and embodiment

Months Five through Six

  • Continued mentorship
  • Review of any course materials that would benefit you from repeating
  • Course outline of increasing the power of your mind. ( how to 10X your results)
  • Instilling leadership
  • Credited hour review and support
  • Thinking into Results program completion


Support and Accountability

Our number one goal is ensuring you are both confident and successful in your role as a new Eternal Academy Member.

You are so supported in your ability to grow as a highly successful person, business owner, or the discovery and growth of a new goal throughout this program.

Here are a few ways you are supported and held accountable throughout this certification:

  • Twice weekly Open Forum Q&A
  • Private Facebook group only for Participants
    Daily available “office hours” from your guide, weekly Q&A to keep you on track and successful.
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A Open Forum with Evangeline, where she will guide you on your implementation and your questions on the pillars of success and business success.
  • Self-paced lessons and worksheets for you to take in your own time. And yours to keep forever including updates.
  • Practicum activities to demonstrate your understanding of the materials and ability to apply each lesson in real-time.

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Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to learn first-hand from Evangeline De Châtillon and her team of trainers and experts. This is your chance to be a part of Eternal Academy and be completely supported by her and her experts in learning how to achieve your highest potential and live the life you’ve only ever dreamed of in the past.

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